2018 Deer Fawn Internship Position

WHS Wildlife Rehabilitation Services Department is offering a unique internship position for the spring/summer of 2018.  We are looking for a very dedicated and passionate individual who can commit at least 3 months to our center, specifically for the care of deer fawns.

This internship position includes all of the intern duties (see Internship Information here) with a special emphasis on deer.  WHS Wildlife will start to get in fawns from May all the way through August.  They are a very time consuming patient and require specialized care and commitment during their rehabilitation process.  We take great care to minimize their human interaction to 3 individuals from the time they arrive to the time they are released.14524605_10154077830288215_7373783007626115598_o

Deer are “staff only” patients at the WHS Wildlife Center and this year we would like to open this position to one individual who not only has a passion for wildlife rehabilitation, but also an interest in deer; as an intern.  This individual must be willing to work 5 – 6 days a week and be on call for fawn emergencies.  This individual must understand that our goal is to raise these deer as close to natural as possible so that they may live a successful life out in the wild.  We DO NOT cuddle, talk to or spend time with these animals.  We are here to help them grow and facilitate a place for them to do so in a safe manner.  This individual will also be performing daily intern duties when not working with the deer and must be able to commit to this as well.

All applicants should fill out an intern application and, in addition, write a short essay as to why they fit this unique position and what dates they are available.