Mojo is a 30 year old Palomino gelding standing at 15.0hh.  Mojo arrived in extremely emaciated body condition.  After months of rehabilitation, he looks like a brand new horse!  Due to years of neglect, his teeth are in bad shape.  He cannot chew normally and therefore will need to be kept on a special diet.  He will also need regular dental floats to ensure the few teeth he does have left stay in the best condition possible.

Due to Mojo’s age, he is not suitable to be a primary riding horse.  He did take the saddle quite easily, so it is possible he could carry a few kids around as long as his age & history are taken into account.  He was very adamant about not taking a bit and given all the dental issues he has had, we’re sure his mouth is quite sensitive.  He would be best suited in a hackamore or halter if someone were to get on him.

He does show signs of arthritis in his limbs but surprisingly this doesn’t seem to slow him down.  He has bounds of energy now that he is feeling better!  Mojo leads respectfully, stands tied, and picks up all his feet for the farrier.  He needs a bit more of a refresher course on lunging/circling, but this shouldn’t take long.

Mojo is just a big lovable, old guy!  He is in need of a home that respects his past, appreciates his age and allows him to retire in comfort.  After years of loneliness & starvation, Mojo is most excited by food & friends.  He definitely needs a buddy in his new home (and it doesn’t have to be a horse!). He is lacking some important social skills, so it will have to be the right match.

If you think Mojo would be a good fit for your home, please complete an adoption application and come meet him today!

Breed: Palamino
Gender: Male
Age:  30 years