This is Ruby!  She was originally purchased by a family who planned to raise her for food. She kept escaping (smart pig!) and they found it impossible to properly contain and care for her. They also realized how sweet and social she was and decided they did not want to eat her, so they contacted WHS.

Ruby is super friendly and loves tummy rubs.  She will come when she is called – but is willful and will continue to grow and grow and grow – until she weighs several hundred pounds.  She will test any and all fencing and even now, she uses her nose to root and move heavy objects around with ease. She is used to being around dogs and loves marshmallows, peanuts (unsalted) and having her ears scratched.  She needs a home with the space and secure fencing capable of caring for a large pig – and a home that will treat her like a valued family companion – where she will not end up on the dinner table!  A home with other livestock would be ideal.

If you think Ruby is a good fit for your home, please complete an adoption application and make an appointment to meet her!