Meet Dave!  Dave has had a few owners already and he is looking for his perfect forever home.  He is a social boy and will need regular handling to stay the friendly charmer that he is!  Dave has been known to be quite the escape artist while at the shelter and will need plenty of time outside the cage to burn off some of that mental energy or he will get bored and make his own fun.  He would benefit from rabbit friendly toys and would love to be able to have supervised zoomies around your house!  When he’s done playing, he would love to stretch out his legs and watch some TV with you. He will require a roomy cage since he is a pretty big guy.  Dave will need timothy hay everyday and he loves his fresh veggies, especially the dark leafy greens! If you are looking for a big lovebug of a rabbit to add to your family, look no further!

If you think Dave would be a good fit for your home, please complete an adoption application and come down to meet him today!