About Us

Whatcom Humane Society Statement of Principle

The Whatcom Humane Society believes that all animals, as sentient beings, have value beyond economic measurements and are entitled to legal, moral, and ethical consideration and protection.


All animals in our community are treated with kindness, respect, and compassion.

The Whatcom Humane Society:

  • Advocates for animals;
  • Educates the community to promote humane treatment and respect for animals;
  • Provides for abandoned, injured, abused or neglected animals.

Targeted Results:

  • All domestic animals in Whatcom County have permanent, responsible, and loving homes.
  • All animals, regardless of species are treated with respect and compassion.
  • WHS operates a state-of-the-art shelter facility and resource center.
  • WHS is widely recognized and respected as a core service in the community.
  • WHS educational programs promote responsible animal care and prevent abuse, neglect, and overpopulation.

To see what a “typical” day looks like at the Whatcom Humane Society, check out our A Day in the Life at WHS video!