Adoption Stories

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Just wanted to give an update on my “Otter Dog”, as I call him.  He was named Otter at Whatcom Humane Society about 2 years ago now, and I never did change it.  Otter was described to me as being found on the streets having possibly been abused (which I am quite sure he was), and being a senior dog.  He had been adopted a few times and brought back.  I can’t understand why, but I think he just needed a long time to settle in and he also needed someone who understood his breed.  He loves his brother, Gus Gus.  I have been able to get him used to the humans in his life, including men, which was particularly hard for him.  We have worked on his barking and it is very manageable now.  And, surprise! Although it was told to me that he does not like children, they are in actuality his favorite.  As long as they are calm, which all kids who I have around him are, he absolutely adores them.  Otter Dog is just perfect for our family..  He loves to snuggle and go to Grandma’s farm where he can run in the fields. He very much enjoys comfort and freedom.  Thank you for keeping Otter safe until I could find him.  He is enjoying his forever home. In the attached picture you can see him doing one of his favorite things; sunbathing!  ~ Gina

An update on Tarzan (right), who is now named Mackie. He is the greatest addition and I’m so glad I found him. I’m also very grateful for the Whatcom Humane Society and all the hard work you do there. Mackie is now absolute best friends with my older pitbull Messy and is helping keep him young. They both go to work with me every day and my employer purchased a canopy for my truck so they can ride safely.

When I first got him he was pretty rough around the edges – but in a little over a month he has come so far. He’s an amazing dog and I’m so glad you guys helped him until his person came along. Since I adopted him I have learned a lot. I also discovered that buying a memory foam twin mattress is the best dog bed the world. Again, thank you guys so much for providing the hard work, dedication and love to all the animals that come through your doors.

– Justin P.


I just moved to Washington from New York and wanted to adopt a dog. I came to the shelter to see who was there and one dog stood out from the rest of them, Gus. He was an older dog, quiet and very calm. I took him for a walk and found he was really sweet. I thought he would be a good match for me. He had come in as a stray and there wasn’t a lot of information on him. I knew he needed a little training, a special diet and a few other things but he had a great personality so that was no problem.

His first night coming home he was quiet. He didn’t listen very well so we worked on just teaching him to ‘sit’. He loves treats and he’s a very intelligent dog, so he learned really quickly. After that we started working on ‘shake’. I’ve had him for a week now and he’s really good at that too. He’s a quick learner and a good boy.


The information on him said he liked being with people more than playing with toys so I wasn’t sure what to get him at first. I ended up just getting a ball. He does love being with me but I found out he’s amazing at fetch. He runs after the ball like a big puppy, then brings it right back and drops it at my feet. He played so well, I went out and bought him a bunch of toys. When I got back from the store, he spotted one of them in the bag and tried to pull it out. I gave him all of his toys at once and he rolled around on the floor and his bed, having a lot of fun with them. Turns out, he loves his toys and is a puppy at heart.


He’s adjusting really well, his personality is really coming out and I’m so glad I was able to adopt him. Thank you Whatcom Humane Society for bringing this special guy into my life!



Hi! My mom and I adopted a cat from you guys in September. Her name was Shakira, I changed her name to Margo, after Margo in the book Paper Towns. She is such a great fit for me. I wanted a cat that would always be around me, be affectionate and sleep with me, that is exactly who she is. She IMG_6952 (3)follows my sleep schedule, at about 6:30am every morning she will wake me up, I absolutely love her!   She is very vocal. When I get home from school she’s normally in my room and starts meowing until I greet her. My mom told me while I was at school the second day we had her she was meowing for me until I came home. She was immediately attached to me. Her first night here we put her in a large crate to get her use to the surroundings and the next night she slept on my bed and has been ever since. She always sleeps on me or next to me. She’s such a funny girl. I love her personality. She is a very precious cat. I’m really glad I was able to adopt her. She is the perfect match for me.

Thank you Whatcom Humane Society!  -Brieanah, Rhonda and Margo.