Cat TLC Training

Welcome!  This website is a resource for all volunteers participating in Cat TLC.  You can read through all the information or choose the specific topics you are interested in learning more about.  If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Manager at

Cat TLC Basics

As Cat TLC volunteers, it is very important that you always stay within your comfort zone. Be sure to practice and be confident with your handling skills before attempting to take cats out of their kennels.  If you have questions or feel you would benefit from additional training, please contact the Volunteer Manager. We want you (and the cats) to be safe!

Cat TLC – What You Need to Know!
Tips & Tricks ~ for volunteers by volunteers!
Red Dot Protocol

Stress & Feline Body Language

Body language is the main form of communication between cats. They use their ears, tail and body posturing, and even facial expressions.  Be sure to pay attention to what the shelter cats are telling you before and during your TLC session.

Body Language of Feline Anxiety (Dr. Sophia Yin)
Cat Chat:  Understanding Feline Body Language (HSUS)
How to Handle a Socialized Cat (Petfinder)
Aggression Between Cats (HSUS)
Overstimulation in Cats (Dumb Friends League)


Many of our kittens are raised in wonderful foster homes where they are handled often and already have good social skills.  However, some of our kittens arrive at the shelter timid, shy and fearful with little exposure to humans. It is our job to socialize them and teach them appropriate behavior.  Playing with kittens is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Teach Your Kitten How to Play Nice (HSUS)
Must Know Tips for Raising Kittens