Educational Outreach

School Visits

In addition to our programs at Whatcom Humane Society, we can bring our humane education lessons to your educational setting. We can tailor programs for all age groups with lessons focusing on issues such as Compassion and Kindness towards Animals, Responsible Pet Ownership, Dog Bite Prevention, Spay and Neuter Education, and Protecting Native Wildlife.

These programs are free of charge; however donations to help with the costs of providing these valuable learning opportunities are greatly appreciated.

To request a Humane Educator to come to your school or classroom, please contact us at or call (360) 733-2080 ext. 3116.

Shelter Tours

Guided Tours are available. These interactive tours explore the facility providing information about the different animals we receive and the services we provide for the animals and the community. Tours are limited to 10 children and 5 adults. No tours are possible on Tuesdays as the shelter is closed. Due to safety and liability reasons, staff will not be able to take any animals out of their enclosures. Students are welcome to look at and take pictures of the animals but cannot pet them.

A few guidelines while students are at the shelter. Because we deal with sensitive issues like members of the public bringing in sick or injured animals or possibly surrendering their own animals, we need the students to use quiet voices and be respectful at all times. If there is too much noise, it can be upsetting for the animals and make it difficult for staff to help the public. Students should remain with their leaders and designated WHS staff members at all times and not wander in any of the areas unattended. We want to keep the students and the animals safe.

To schedule a guided tour of our facility, please contact us at or call (360) 733-2080 ext. 3116.