Job Opportunities

The Whatcom Humane Society seeks individuals highly motivated toward the welfare of ALL animals.

JOB TITLE:  Licensed Veterinary Technician – PART TIME (20-25 hours per week)
DEPARTMENT:  Veterinary Department
ACCOUNTABILITY:  Staff Veterinarian
FUNCTIONS:  To provide medical care and treatment to all sheltered animals in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Society and the State laws of Washington.

1. Conduct morning and evening rounds of all areas of the shelters to ensure well-being of all animals.
2. Prepare daily list of veterinary treatments to be completed during the course of the day.
3. Communicate and help facilitate daily list of shelter animals requiring veterinarian examinations.
4. Confirm daily medical treatment to all sheltered animals as prescribed by staff veterinarians.
5. Assist veterinarian in examination and treatment of animals.
6. Initiate emergency medical treatment as needed.
7. Assist with the training and supervision of veterinary clinic department volunteers
8. Be familiar with proper processing of animals through the shelters, and the corresponding
paperwork and filing required.
9. Clean and maintain the in-house vet clinic in an orderly and sanitary manner according to
standards established by WHS.
10. Provide humane care and treatment to all sheltered animals.
11. Prepare animals for surgery – administer pre-anesthetic and anesthetic drugs, intubate animals and monitor during anesthesia as directed by veterinarian. Aseptically prepare surgical field.
12. Perform grooming and dental procedures.
13. When necessary, communicate and act as liaison between WHS veterinary clinic and WHS animal control staff, wildlife rehabilitation center and farm property.
14. Process paperwork associated with animals treated by veterinarian.
15. Monitor animals after surgery in recovery.
16. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

1. Licensed veterinary technician with at least 1 year professional experience.
2. Must be in good health, able to pass a physical examination, and able to lift 50 lbs.
3. Has or can obtain a valid Washington driver’s license.
4. Highly motivated toward the welfare and humane treatment of all animals.
5. Must be self-motivated, dependable, and able to work independently with little or no supervision.
6. Must have the ability to work well and communicate with fellow employees and volunteers.
7. Must show maturity and good judgment. Must perform the job in a professional manner and work efficiently under pressure.
8. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
9. Must be able to work with the public, staff and volunteers in a friendly and courteous manner.
10. Prefer experience working at or volunteering at an animal shelter.

Must work irregular hours, including when necessary, evenings, weekends and holidays.  Be able to deal with unruly, vicious, and dangerous animals humanely. Be able to deal with a hostile public, a fast-paced workload that at times can be stressful. Be able to deal with strenuous physical activity and the emotional drain of the job. Exposure to parasites and infectious diseases.

DOE.  Benefits including vacation, sick, holiday pay after successful completion of introduction period.

TO APPLY:  Send cover letter and resume to:
Chris Sessler, Human Resources
Whatcom Humane Society
2172 Division Street, Bellingham, WA 98226
(360)733-4746 fax

No phone calls please.

WHS is an equal opportunity employer.

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