Memorials & Honorariums

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to honor someone special, please consider making a memorial or honorarium gift to the Whatcom Humane Society. Contributions in any amount may be made to commemorate a variety of occasions:

  • A family member who recently lost a beloved pet.
  • A friend who recently lost a loved one who was a dedicated animal lover.
  • A gift for someone who “has everything”.
  • To commemorate birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries and other important dates.

The recipient will receive a letter from the Whatcom Humane Society announcing your generous tax deductible gift.

Click here to make a donation in memory or honor of someone today.

Tribute Gifts January 1, 2017 – March 31, 2017:

In Memory Of…

Aegina and Mocha
Michael and Janice Hogan

Amy Ogmundson
Daniel and Ellen Wilson

Bette Stoddard
Jerry Armstrong

Bruno and Irma Morse
Patricia Morse

Casey McLaren Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Marx
Terri Reynolds and Michael Jacobsen
Kathleen and George Keegahn

George Bartholomaeus IV
K Renee Hoemann

George Young
Mr. and Mrs. George Tranberg

Geri Ripp
Kathleen Schumock

James Young

Helen & Lewis Turner
Janice and Carl Roehl

JoAnn Sandberg
Nancy Hiatt

John S. Axelson
Deirdre O’Shea and Erik Axelson

June Shilleto
Patricia Vanzandt and Priscilla Schultz

Kathleen Lord

Alexandra and John Starr

Linda Kearney
Kenneth Witkowski

Laura Polcyn

Winnie Adams

Margaret P. Hansen
Darlene Lake

Mary Tyler Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Koreis

Michael McElwain
Mr. and Mrs. William Gwinner

Mocha & KC
Debbie Brosten

Nancy Ehricke Radford
Yvonne Cartwright

Barbara Upham

Daniel and MaryAlice MacDonald

Tauna Tiscornia

Don Weber (Lodge At Long Bay)

Natalie and Scott Louia

Wilson & Rollo
James Johnson

Kathy and Denis Foster

Koda Denton
Julie Klacan

In Honor Of…

Abby, Angi, and Caity
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Madan

Brian & Abby Skywalker
Boundary Bay Brewing Company (Janet Lightner)

Chris Hudson
Lina Zeine

Craig P. Hayes
Bonnie Rehberger

Cruiser & Skipper Wicknick
Terrance Lewis and Margot Wilson

Good Samaritan Animal Rescuers Everywhere
Heather Coyne

Ingrid Summers
Karen Summers

Meredith Charlton
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Stark

Mike Miller
Suzan Miller

Judith Magnuson
Inger Martin

DeeAnn Nelson

All Critters
Dave and Bonnie Pratt

Birthday Honor
Jeannette Stephens

Jason & Angi Lenz
Susan Sanderson

Dr. Michelle Schraeder
Robin Barker