Memorials & Honorariums

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to honor someone special, please consider making a memorial or honorarium gift to the Whatcom Humane Society. Contributions in any amount may be made to commemorate a variety of occasions:

  • A family member who recently lost a beloved pet.
  • A friend who recently lost a loved one who was a dedicated animal lover.
  • A gift for someone who “has everything”.
  • To commemorate birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries and other important dates.

The recipient will receive a letter from the Whatcom Humane Society announcing your generous tax deductible gift.

Click here to make a donation in memory or honor of someone today.

Tribute Gifts April 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017:

In Memory Of…

“Little Gail” Benjamin
Robert Knott

Aegina and Mocha
Michael and Janice Hogan

Ann Sowles
Deborah Loober
Kevin Sluys and Irene Lee-Sluys

Beverly Kuljis
Adrienne Lederer
Dr. and Ms. Gary Tetrick
Carol Kuljis
Arlene Pilcher and Loriann Smiley
Romayne Zanchi
Janice and Carl Roehl
Joan Rothausen
Joan and Carroll Walker

Bonnie Jean Olson
Robert Knott

Casey McLaren Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Marx

Pam and Dave Went

Chili Pepper
Joel Lantz

Roger Dillard

Eleanor Kaestner
Alan Berner

Fred Charlton
Catherine Hall
Alexander Kerz

Dvora and Avram Weintraub

Helen French
Doreen Spencer

Patricia and Robert Christiansen

Joe A. Bergadano
Kimberly Caulfield

Thomas Piasecki and Maryann Renzi

Sandra Mabbott

Marge Craig
Lorna and Michael Conner

Marge Moench
Terri Reynolds and Michael Jacobsen

Mary Trask

Mr. Pickles
Dale McKechnie

Norah Smith
Marian Gallman

Pat Brisbois
Kenneth and Georganne Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson

Peggy Sue
Marjorie Fuchs

Carla and Brody Willis

Lori and Vance Webb

Sherry Schultz
Carolyn Schultz

Toby and Katherine
Diana Hicks

William Moye
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moye

Past and Present Pets
Jason Spevak

Katherine Ball
Suzanne and Tim Lucy

Benny Capp
Karen Beebe
Meagan and Scott Dawson
Barbara Fayette
Susan Freeman
John Lee
Kathleen McGuinness
Gordon Metcalf
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Morin
Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery
Jay and Kathleen Stepro
Ron and Julie Stewart
Lauren Turner
Linda Williamson
Paula and Devin Berg
Tetrick Family Dentistry
Dr. and Ms. Gary Tetrick

Lois & George Garlick
Suzanne and Tim Lucy

Charles Hilton
Helen Baker and Janet Starkey

Annie Robinson
Jacquelyn Russell-Stear
Darlene Saarheim
WIC Sisters (Elizabeth Pernotto)

Sheila Rodgers
Tony and Renae Blore

3 Schips and a Girl (Deb Bruner)
Matt Aderson
Jenery Akuna
Alex Barchet
Katie Barnes
Ria Bordian
Laura Brem
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bublitz
Brittyn and Randall Cantrell
Richard Chapman
Rhonda Chong
Gavin Christiansen
Cliff and Katie Clark
Joseph and Crystal Coder
Craig Swanson (Craig Swanson Photography)
Josh Dahm
Jeremy Disch
Thomas Erickson
Justin Estes
Brad Fitch
Norman and Carmen Gamble
Bob Gay
Josh Geise
David Greene
Douglas and Tiffany Halaska
David Hamilton
Chad Hamm
Josh Hammons
Jennifer Hill
Melissa Holden
Dawn Holmes
Jamie Holmes
Hooverville Couture
Kristi Johnson and Kevin Stray
Jonathan Rands, Attorney at Law
Christopher Kiritz
Marilyn LaCasse
Nils and Michelle Landis
Deborah Loober
Mary Ann Lyons
James Malella
Erin McGary-Myers
Mike McGhee
Paul and Mary Meeks
Jeff Ostreim
Spencer Palmer
Helene Paros
Chase Palmer
Jennifer Putman
David Ransom
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rice
Richard Roberts
Chris Sargent
Christopher Sherburn
Skagit Wild Bird Supply
William and Leana Smith
Ben and Paula Sonker
Irvin and Sunny Sonker
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sonker
Josh Stone
Jane Talbot and Kevin Williamson
Dan and Kristi Taylor
Elise and Cody Touchette
Jennifer Vranek
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Walker
Jennifer Witeck
Kevin and Rochelle Wolber
Margot and Jeff Worthy
Deborah Wright and Ike Eichhorn

In Honor Of…

Alan & Susan Rhodes
Kenni Merritt and Tom Barrett

Carolyn Bachman
Kim and Jim Bachman

Daniel M. Warner
Audrey and Sears Taylor

Dr. Jared Hardesty
Michelle Weigel

Brian Hurtuk

Ilse, Kirsti and Haldan Stark
Meredith Charlton

Judi Gatto
Margaret Sprouse

Kathy Piscioneri
Malia McLaughlin

Kendra Fleharty
Willa Fleharty

Soupy Sails
Shultzie and Spencer Willows

Suzan Miller
Michael Miller

Teresa Schmidt & Mugs
David Wiggs

Vivian Tobosa
Martin Chisholm

Penny Henderson
Gary and Patricia Bland

Debby Smolkin
Mr. and Mrs. Doran Smolkin