Memorials & Honorariums

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to honor someone special, please consider making a memorial or honorarium gift to the Whatcom Humane Society. Contributions in any amount may be made to commemorate a variety of occasions:

  • A family member who recently lost a beloved pet.
  • A friend who recently lost a loved one who was a dedicated animal lover.
  • A gift for someone who “has everything”.
  • To commemorate birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries and other important dates.

The recipient will receive a letter from the Whatcom Humane Society announcing your generous tax deductible gift.

Click here to make a donation in memory or honor of someone today.

Tribute Gifts July 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017:

In Memory Of…

Aegina & Mocha

Michael and Janice Hogan

Al Sutherland
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Landgren

Gail Kuromiya

Wendy Smith

Bev Mersereau
Sandy and Bill Shikany

Big Red Square-Head
Rick and Lisa

Janice and Carl Roehl

Cash Ratliff
Joel Bergsbaken

Dominic Pietro
Mike Pietro and Christine Kubota

Rodger Axt

Joy and Yancey Constant

Jessica L. Dalton-Comer
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gresley

Joseph K. Walls
Sangita Joshi and Aarti Joshi


Kurt Koester

Daniel and MaryAlice MacDonald

Marietta Moran
Beverly Montgomery

Max Pedlow
Gary and Nancy Goldfogel

Oh Be Joyful
Jane Verner

Patricia Bye
MOC Auxiliary Chuckanut #18

Richard S. Balvin
Jack and Carole Weeks

Sweet Malcolm
Barbara Howard

Tammy Thiele

Richard Balbin
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Denney

Becca Bell
Barbara Bonsaing

Gary Bland
Carol Barber

Pat Brisbois
Margaret Boyle
Johanna Christensen
Dorothy and James Dougherty
Gordon and Judith Greider
Brenda-Lee Karasik
Laurel Rust
T.J. Snyder
Candace Thompson
Ellen Zimmerman

Benny Capp
Delpha Johnson
Rick Rosbach and Winifred Rosbach
Bryce Siegel

Roberta Gase
Brian and Elaine Lynch

Beverly Kuljis
Kerri Kuljis and William Lynch
Westford Funeral Home

Casey McLaren Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Marx

Amy Ogmundson
Daniel and Ellen Wilson

Jeff Pierce
Stephen Carmean
Robert Hoffmeister
Janice and Carl Roehl

Betty Ann Swanson
Cecilia Roehl and William Keefe
Janice and Carl Roehl

In Honor Of…

Ahwren Ayers & Charles Harriman
Sheila Nickerson

Aleen & Cleary Cone
Dvora and Avram Weintraub

Angi & Esme
Mr. and Mrs. James Runciman

Jackie Smith

Audra Sawicki & Kevin Meek
Betty Whitacre

Larry and Bonnie Fauchier

Easton Burnett
Sonya Liu

Genevieve Compain
Lily and Dash Koplowitz-Fleming

Laura Schaefer

Jacob Top
Tanja Kanoa

Paul Razore
Deborah and Peter Granger

Robin Barlean
Linda Cline and James Carr

Susan Johanson
Cherie Johanson

Kaylah Brandon
Kelly and Patrick Brandon

Rebecca Crowley
James Harle and Kimberly Rice