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Support from our community is vital to keeping our organization strong!


You can contribute to the Whatcom Humane Society through the following programs:


How Your Generosity Helps Us Help The Animals

Domestic Animal Shelter:
$50 = 1 week of food for shelter dogs or cats
$100 = vaccinations for 10 dogs or cats
$200 = the cost of blood work for 8 senior animals
$500 = full service veterinary treatment, supplies and medication for an injured animal in need
$1000 = emergency after-hours call-out services from WHS animal control officers for 1 week

Farm Facility:
$50 = 5 bales of hay
$100 = farrier service for 3 horses
$200 = barn supplies for 1 month
$500 = 20 bags of livestock/equine grain
$1000 = full service equine veterinary care, medication and ongoing treatment for an injured horse in need

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center:
$50 = 3 days of food for injured trumpeter swans
$100 = vaccinations and dewormer for 10 animals in our small mammal nursery
$200 = full service veterinary treatment, supplies and medication for an injured bald eagle or owl
$500 = 1 month of gas for the wildlife rehabilitation center vehicle
$1000 = 3 months of infant formula to feed orphaned fawns

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Whatcom Humane Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. You will receive a donation acknowledgement letter in the mail within a few days of your donation.

Refund Policy and Other Donation Questions: Donations are not refundable. If you believe we have made an error in processing, or have any questions about donations online, please contact Courtney (360)733-2080, ext #3002 or email