Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is another way you can help ensure the animals in our community are provided quality care. There are many options including:

Contributions Through Your Will

Whether you have accumulated substantial assets or have only a small estate, a will prevents legal complications and delays. It directs your personal representative to deal with your estate as you wish.

  • A particular amount of money or an asset (example: stock, a coin collection, a house, car or boat)
  • All or a portion of the remainder of your estate after expenses and gifts to your loved ones have been distributed
  • An interest in real estate or a trust designated initially for the lifetime benefit of a loved one
  • A contingent gift that takes effect only under certain circumstances (example: “If my spouse/partner does not survive me,…”) When you include WHS in your will, please use the following designation: Whatcom Humane Society, 2172 Division Street, Bellingham, WA 98226

Usually, you can easily add a bequest to WHS to your existing will simply by consulting your attorney about an amendment known as a “codicil.”

WHS is a tax exempt charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Our Federal Tax Identification number is 91-0677564

For The Animals of Today . . . and Tomorrow

How would you like to provide food, shelter, medical care and love to the animals at Whatcom Humane Society for eternity? Can we challenge you to “endow” your annual gift? It’s easy. If you’ve been giving $100 annually, a simple gift of $2,000 through your will or estate plan would generate $100 in interest each year – that $2,000 will continue your annual gift FOREVER!

You will play a key role in continuing our mission and caring for the animals. Setting up an endowment could be the most farsighted and enduring act of your lifetime!

If your annual gift is: You would need to make an “endowment” gift of:
$50 $1,000
$100 $2,000
$250 $5,000
$500 $10,000
$1,000 $20,000

*At the assumed 5% investment return, you simply multiply your annual gift by 20 to determine the amount required to endow your annual gift.

Stock Donations

When stock, and certain other assets like real estate, have been owned for more than a year and then donated to WHS, you receive a tax deduction for its full value AND you completely avoid any tax on the capital gain. Check with your investment broker or attorney to discuss options.

Life Insurance Policies

By naming WHS the owner of an existing life insurance policy, you receive a tax deduction. If premiums are still owed once the policy is contributed, you can obtain additional tax deductions by continuing to pay the premiums. Even if you want to retain ownership of a policy, you can still name WHS as a recipient of some or all of the policy’s proceeds upon your death.

For more information, please contact Laura Clark at (360)733-2080 ext #3026 or email